Superblink: Modified blink example

Superblink :Now that I actually have had an opportunity to play with varied INPUTS and OUTPUTS, i feel i would like to indicate you a number of my very own creations. this is often what’s therefore smart regarding Arduino. you’ll be able to simply build from the expertise of others, and introduce your own artistic aptitude.

When I got my Arduino out of it’s packaging, I didn’t how fragile it absolutely was, i used to be therefore frightened that i used to be planning to break it. you will soon decide that it’s not as fragile because it appearance, however I tend to treat it like associate Egg anyway.

Getting Started:
Before you even plug your Arduino into your laptop, you’re planning to would like some software system to program the tiny gizmo. fortunately the software system is FREE !   Download from this link

Actually, i might recommend that you just read the “Getting Started Guide” at the Arduino net site: and follow the links for your software package. i exploit Windows seven – therefore this is often the guide that I used – here.
I am not planning to repeat all of that data, that might be a waste of your time.

If you’ve read the guide, you’d have vie with the famed “Blink” program. currently its time to supercharge that sucker.

Materials required

  • Arduino un0
  • 10 x led’s
  • 10 x 330 ohm resistor

Circuit arrangement




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