Raspberry pi installation guide

Raspberry pi installation guide. hey guys, In this post we’ll learn to install Raspberry pi operating system image file on a sd card.

Requirements: Raspberry pi installation

  • A raspberry pi board
  • sd card ( 8 gb/ class 10 atleast)
  • Raspbian/raspbian jessie image .rar file
  • SD formatter (Software)
  • Win32 Diskimager (Software)

Steps to do:

  1. Insert a sd card into a card reader and connect it to your pc/laptop and note down the Drive letter of your card from windows explorer left column. for example: G: is your drive letter.
  2. Download and install SDformatter, Run it and select sd card Drive letter and click on Format button. after compete format. close SDformatter.
  3. Download Win32DiskImager and install it on your pc/computer.
  4. Now extract raspbian image file from downloaded file.
  5. Run win32DiskImager and select the image file extracted on step 3.
  6. Select the drive letter in Device box. be careful while selecting this, if you get wrong one, you can destroy whole data from your hard disk drive.
  7. Then click write and wait for the write operation to complete.
  8. After complete operation. Exit the Win32DiskImager and Eject the Sd card.
  9. Now insert your imaged sd card on raspberry pi sd card slot, connect screen/keyboard/mouse on raspberry pi ports.
  10. Finally connect power source to Raspberry pi. and now your Raspberry pi is Ready to be used.

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