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Mini Car GPS Tracker GSM GPRS GPS Locator Vehicle Tracking Device Builtin Battery Light sensing alarm Android IOS APP

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Special Features:

  • Ultra small size : small size like a USB, thickness only 11.5 mm, powerful function , precise positioning
  • Light perception alarm : Installed in an invisible environment, light perception alarm will send out when light sensor in device detect a change in light.
  • Speed positioning : Integrated with GPS and Beidou double-star-positioning Plan, to achieve fast and accurate positioning

VK-T100 is a powerful, stable, and high-precision BDS/GPS positioner. It achieves real-time tracking, track playback, e-fence, data statistics etc. It also has a variety of alarm mode, including power cutoff alarm, low battery alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, overspeed alarm, fence alarm, SOS alarm etc.

This device is especially applicable to monitoring the running status of target. It can be applied to car rental, small fleet management, and other dispatching systems of vehicle.

I. Main functions
1.  Built-in high-gain low-noise amplifier (LNA), GPS signal amplified by LNA can greatly improve the signal to noise ratio, improve the anti-interference and sensitivity, thereby improving positioning accuracy. With A-GPS auxiliary positioning function, greatly shorten the time required for positioning.
2.  Compatible with the four-frequency standard (GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz), universal available.
3.  Intelligent switching real-time positioning and low-power mode, taking into account performance and power consumption.
4.  Built-in 3D G-Sensor, automatically lock the current positioning at rest GPS positioning technology itself drift error.
5.  Automatic remote upgrade firmware, update the system, always maintain the best product status.
6.  SIM card anti-shake, automatic buffer SIM card data, short-term loose will not lead to data loss.
7.  Low-power design and automatic body-sleep technology to avoid long-running battery exhausted.
8.  Support DC9~36V wide input voltage, adaptability, no external power supply, suitable for all types of vehicles.
9.  Support Web, APP, micro-messages, SMS synchronization operation, at any time to monitor the target control.
10. Built-in 80mAH industrial-grade high and low temperature resistant polymer battery.

II. Product parameters

 serial number project parameter
1 GPS chip U-blox/BDS compatible
2 Backup battery 80mAh/ 3.7V
3 Storage temperature -40~+85ºC
4 Working temperature -20~+70ºC
5 The use of temperature 20%~80%RH
6 Working voltage 9V~36V DC
7 Working current < 50mA
8 Standby current < 3.5mA
9 Size of the host 70*21*11.5mm
10 The host weight 40g



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