IoT enabled Led control using Ioturtle IoT and nodemcu

Hello Guys, today i am going to tell you about a new IoT platform i found on internet is IoTurtle IoT. By using this platform, You can easily control your nodemcu gpio from anywhere.

ioturtle IoT is an iot server which provide a free of cost solution for your internet connected devices. Whether you want to control Bulb, fan, Tv , Ac, refrigerator or any appliances, you can use this platform. IoTurtle iot also provide a secure way to access your Control dashbord. User interface of this website is also easy to use and  with login protected. They are going to launch some cool feature soon like smart dustbin control,  Servo motor Control etc.
Don’t forget to register. i am using it from last one month and its working fine.
They provide support for NodeMCU/Esp8266 and raspberry pi, and protocol used by this platform is RESTapi.
After Registration, login to you dashboard and generate your api key for first time only, then follow “how to use” menu for detail setup guide.


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